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Seán Body's first full length collection, Witness, was published in 1995. A revised and expanded edition is published by Lapwing Publications (2013). It has been praised for its power, lyric intensity, economy, sensitive handling of difficult themes and 'superb command of language'. A joint Reading with Ian Parks, entitled Lines of Dissent, was commissioned by Manchester Libraries in the millennium year. This was subsequently performed, with the addition of music. A limited edition pamphlet, Seasons, was published by Glass Head Press in 2003. Of this Sarah Tierney, writing in City Life, commented 'Body's awareness of the strength of restrained, clipped language is apparent throughout these intense, impressive poems. He writes with concentrated lucidity about people whose own eloquence has been stripped away.' These poems, together with other sequences and individual poems are now available in a new collection, Shouldering Back The Day (Lapwing), which with the simultaneously published Witness effectively establishes a Collected Poems.

As editor and publisher, he produced a number of publications for Manchester Poets, including
Six, in 1989, introducing six Manchester Poets, and Poems from the Readaround (1995). For Manchester Irish Writers, he edited At The End Of The Rodden (Scribhneoírí 1997), a collection of poetry and short stories.

In collaboration with Manchester Libraries he organised special arts events and readings for The Manchester Irish Festival, including a celebration of Irish poetry in Gaelic and English from the 6th to the 20th centuries.

As publisher, he produced a number of individual Collections and launched the thrice yearly magazine,
Brando's Hat, with the purpose of showcasing poets with groups of poems, or poetry sequences. It ran for four years.

His poetry is featured on
Moving Manchester - Mediating Marginalities, Institute of Advanced Studies, Lancaster University.

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